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Things to consider when building

You have just secured your piece of paradise and now it is time to consider your dream home. We have pulled together some no-nonsense simple tips and guidance to assist you on the early stages of your journey.

First have a look at the covenants and town planning for the section you have purchased.

Some subdivisions have a certain sqm dwelling you have to build to, they may have specific material requirements and there may be things they will not accept at all.

Establish what is important to you in your build. Is it important to get the external envelope right for a warm, dry and healthy home and to reduce future running costs? Are you focused on the aesthetics.

Establish your needs and wants – some things to think about include:

- The number of bedrooms and bathrooms required

- Would you like a separate toilet?

- Storage – what is required?

- Could some of the storage be utilised in the garage?

Within your design, try to minimise hallway space. Consider your entry, do you want coat storage? A simple slatted timber divide could be enough to separate the entrance off.

Consider the resale of your property.

Future proof — for a few hundred dollars you can make provision for solar panels. Get the plumbers to allow for water to the fridge, you may not need it now, but you may in the future.

Work on your own floor plan. Sketch something up. Look at sites like Houzz, archipro, Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Consider maintenance, save dollars now and don’t be a slave to your home. Timber in shaded areas — such as south faces and under alfresco areas are a great way to soften your home without the maintenance.

Consider form, every corner adds to the cost of your build.

And consider eaves…. These are the umbrella to protect your home. They help with overheating and if you really consider these, you can work with your designer to block out hot summer sun and overheating while welcoming the warmth of the sun in the winter.

Mid-summer Otago suns altitude angle sits around 67 – 69 degrees and mid-winter sun is around 20 - 22 degrees.

Build better – I know we harp on about this and we will explain this further in its own blog, but avoid building to the building code, which is the minimum standard across New Zealand, for the benefit of your health and reduced energy bills.

Know your budget before you start and build within your means – ask your builder for an idea of sqm rates and work backwards. What do we mean – If you have a $480k budget and you builder advises you they are sitting around $3000 a sqm for a nice, high performing home – this allows you to build 160sqm home. (Please note — numbers are examples only).

Build a team — get your builder, designer and engineer in the same room and nut you project out together. Ask questions, get references for your designers and builders, look at previous projects and speak with previous clients, visit you builders current sites to get an idea how they operate.

If you have any questions about getting started on building your home, get in touch with our team!


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