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A love of nature in our blood, 

a dedication to quality in our bones, 

a better future on our horizon.  

Clint comes from a long line of craftsmen. Seven generations, all with a connection to our stunning land and a dedication to building our community quality homes. Passion, talent and skills were all passed down, but so were the old inefficient systems and materials.


After over thirty years in the construction industry, he started to wonder; our cars, phones and appliances were evolving in leaps and bounds so why haven’t our homes? Why does New Zealand settle for cold winters, condensation, respiratory conditions, expensive power bills and the depletion of our natural resources, when countries across the world have been reaping the benefits of modern housing systems for decades?


It took one project with Structural Insulated Panels and he never looked back. Designed and installed by an expert and paired with a quality mechanical ventilation system, they provide homeowners with an energy efficient, low-maintenance, airtight, warm, dry, quiet, strong, comfortable and healthy home that will stand the test of time in a future they help to protect.

The past

Wanaka Builders

Since then, Clint and Emma have dedicated every waking moment to becoming Wanaka’s high performance and passive house specialists and built a team of quality craftsmen with the same passion and pride. Through research, training and hands-on experience, we provide our Central Otago region with an expert design and installation service that ensures all exceptional qualities and building systems are optimised to their full potential.


From concept, plans, consent and building through to handing over the keys, we offer the complete service. This allows us to identify everything you want from your home upfront, tackle problems with solutions before they’re built in and create a stress-free, seamless journey. Building a new home is exciting and we do everything we can to keep it that way, with open communication, trust and an empowering attitude so you become a high-performance housing specialist too.


Our love of our precious environment goes far beyond enjoying it at every opportunity, from removing all skips from our sites, minimising waste and recycling every inch left over, to building better homes that reflect our stunning Wanaka surroundings and a housewarming gift of native trees at the end of every project. 

The present

Wanaka Builders, High Performing House
bird copy.png

Today we hope to inspire our community to demand more from their home, set higher standards of construction across the board and work together to protect our land and all who dwell within it. To operate above and beyond the building code with systems based on science and experience.


Our brand mark is our quality seal; the Tiki, korus, waves and Kiwi are our connection to nature, our Maori heritage and the stunning place we’re lucky enough to call home, while each level represents our specialist process from quality foundations, through to the superior building envelope keeping you cozy from the foundations up. 


When you see the CBG mark, you know this home was built for the future. We look forward to helping you craft yours.

The future


Clint Gollop and Emma Morgan

Start your CBG journey today.

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