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Don't just build a house. 

Build a high performing home. 

You don’t become a high performance and passive house specialist  without putting in the hard yards. Years of research and hands-on experience led us to a core collection of suppliers and every day we work alongside them to fine tune their systems and provide you with a superior result.


From foundations and superior insulated envelopes through to the latest mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems and finishing touches, each product is chosen for its superior quality and energy-efficiency, then installed for optimum performance by the experts.


Keep on scrolling to learn about our key products and contact our team of friendly specialists to find out more.

The best slab in town

A high performing house requires a superior performing slab and it’s the extra time, care and specialist skill we put in at the beginning that makes the difference decades from now. Our not-so-secret step is letting the slab cure for twenty-eight days to gain an extra 15% MPA – or simply put, strength in the event of an earthquake. But not to worry, those twenty-eight days won’t slow down your project in the slightest, as we continue on with your build at our factory here in Wanaka.  


When it comes to choosing a worthy slab partner, Maxraft is our go-to. As New Zealand’s only fully insulated concrete slab system, they are designed to increase the energy performance of your home from the ground up. Why waste your energy with anything else?


Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels have been the system of choice for smart homeowners across the world for over forty years. Designed and installed by an expert and paired with a quality mechanical ventilation system, they provide your family with an energy efficient, airtight, warm, dry, quiet, strong and healthy home that will stand the test of time in a future they help to protect.


SIP panels are high-performance, thermally-efficient composite panels for walls, roofs and floors, which consist of two layers of structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between. Pre-cut to size off-site, fast to assemble and low-maintenance, they provide new homeowners with a stress free building process, a magnificently comfortable living environment and a tiny power bill at the end of each month. 

And when it comes to aesthetics, the world is your oyster. From monopitch roofs to timber windows with schist cladding, SIP panels are so flexible they inspire innovative design or can be finished with all the classic features to maintain the aesthetic comforts of traditional housing.


After years of research and hands-on experience in the Central Otago region, we’ve built quite the relationship with SIP panel supplier ‘Formance’. To find out more about their superior SIP panels, click below.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems -

the essential addition to every
SIP panel home

SIP panels and passive principals welcome new home owners into a strong, warm, quiet and energy-efficient home. When installed by an expert and paired with a mechanical ventilation system, they also create a dryer and healthier living environment for your family. We’ve been working away in the background to find the best systems suited to our unique Otago climate.

Chat to us about your project to find out more.

Joinery and glazing to seal the deal

We’ve been working with different products for over thirty years and have culled these down to our top three joinery options.

We offer windows and doors combined with the ultimate glass, that our unique environment requires.

Chat to us about your project to find out more.

Roofing and solar

Finishing off your high performing house with a worthy roof is more than just selecting the best materials. When we discuss your project, we’ll investigate the positioning of your site and the elements it’s exposed to, from wind and rain to snow and sun. We’ll then work with your aesthetic requirements to recommend a roof to suit, including profile, pitch, colour and setting you up for solar power.

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Wanaka Builder

Monopitch Roof

Specialist tip

Monopitch roofs are stronger, more airtight and cost-effective to build and maintain, with much less waste.

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