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We’ve been working with the team at Formance since the beginning. Their superior Structural Insulated  Panels are not only true to the proven SIPs design, they also have Codemark Certification which ensures compliance with the NZ Building Code and provides peace of mind that their panels will deliver a superior performance building well into the future.

Because we’re out in the field working with clients, concepts, council, subcontractors and finishing touches, we work alongside the team at Formance to fine-tune their superior product and systems to ensure a better end result for all. 

What are Formance SIP panels?

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While many types of composite panel building systems have been developed, SIPs now usually refers to panels made from a thick layer of foam (polystyrene or polyurethane) sandwiched between two layers of oriented strand board (OSB). The result is an engineered panel that provides structural framing, insulation and exterior sheathing in a solid, one-piece component. 

The basic design concept for Formance panels is elegant in its simplicity and offers several advantages for constructing walls and roofs. Bonding the foam core to the stiff outer skins creates a web-and-flange structural strength across the length and breadth of the panel. With the capacity to handle axial, bending, racking, and shear loads, Formance panels not only replace conventional framing but will withstand high wind and seismic forces.

Air Tight
No moisture
inside the wall

Looking after your Environment

We won’t pretend to have control over our ever-changing Otago climate, but with Structural Insulated Panels or SIP Panels, you can control how it effects the inside of your home and the loved ones who live there. For a home to provide superior performance and comfort, it’s essential to separate the interior and exterior environments with a quality building envelope - your roof, external walls, doors, windows and floor.


SIP panels provide significant improvements in all areas compared to traditional construction methods, but the biggest difference can be seen in the hugely increased thermal performance of which there are two key components: airtightness and thermal conductivity.


Airtightness is measured in air changes per hour at 50pa of pressure and thermal conductivity is measured in R Value. When used in roofs and walls, Formance SIPs panels easily achieve the highest standards of insulation. For Otago conditions, a truly airtight building with an envelope R Value of more than 4 is more than sufficient to slash heating and cooling energy usage compared to traditional construction methods. You may wish to have more or less R Value in your envelope depending on your requirements.

Formance Testimonials

For a smarter home that feels like no other

Experience high levels of comfort and health with controlled ventilation. The high airtightness of our homes allows unprecedented control over the inside environment, meaning a reduction in allergens and airborne pollutants. Your home should not just be a place to seek shelter, it should enhance your life, your lifestyle and ensure the health of your family is not compromised by unhealthy living conditions.

Superior strength 

SIPs are incredibly strong, effectively providing double-bracing capacity to the wall. SIP panels also have huge impact resistance both inside and out, and because they're nailed and bonded at the joints. 


This strength is even more valuable in New Zealand where we are subject to earthquakes. Not only do SIPs withstand the applied force of an earthquake but they have a unique ability to take the shock out of the movement by allowing some non-permanent flex in the structure. Engineers call this ductility - the ability of a material to undergo permanent deformation through elongation or bending at room temperature without fracturing. 


More rigid and brittle materials like concrete tend to fail abruptly without warning and once gone, require extensive remediation or replacement. Our engineers measure resistance to earthquake movement in bracing units. They have more technical terms for it, but for the rest of us it simply means they can withstand severe earthquakes and keep us safe inside. 

Reduced energy use

40% of a home's energy consumption is related to heating and cooling. Over the past thirteen years, we’ve seen energy costs double in New Zealand, as Kiwis build larger homes for less occupants and use less energy-efficient materials.


With drastically reduced heating and cooling requirements in a SIP Panel house, you're set for ongoing energy savings from the moment you move in.


Traditional methods of insulating your home deteriorate over time and are subject to variation in installation, meaning laboratory values for their insulation properties are highly unlikely to be achieved during a real build, and will reduce even further. Not so with SIP Panels, as we remove the possibility of variation in installation of insulation and maintain the super-high performance year after year.

A superior SIP panel requires an expert installer. 

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