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How we work with you from concept to completion

Building a new home is exciting and our job is to keep it that way. To ensure a quality result and a seamless journey from concept to move in day and beyond, we offer you the complete service.


We begin by sitting down with you over a cuppa to identify what you want from your home, then apply our knowledge and experience to every element, offer expert solutions and continue our specialist approach throughout the design, consent and building process.


Keep on scrolling to find out about our process, then drop us a line or give us a bell to start yours.

Concept, consent and cost.

CBG Quality Construction

We start every project by sitting down with you to identify your unique needs, wants, wish-list and budget, as well as the opportunities and limits of your site and surrounding environment, such as wind, rain, snow, sun and on some days, all four. From the very beginning we apply our specialist knowledge with superior performance housing and our decades of experience in our unique Otago environment.


We then provide a floor plan, which becomes the base of our discussion and any changes you’d like to make. Once you’re happy, we work with our designer to bring your vision to life and help you choose the best finishings to ensure every element of your home is up to the highest standard.


We then assist with the consent process, working as a team with the designer, engineer, council and yourself. Once the full working drawings are approved, we’ll provide our final cost estimate.


CBG Quality Construction

From foundations through to finishing touches, we work above and beyond with building systems based on science and experience. Our specialist skills, knowledge and emphasis on communication and trust ensure a professional, seamless and empowering construction process.


We have carefully selected a team of expert craftsmen and like-minded subcontractors with the same dedication to quality, our environment and improving the standards of building across the board. 

We have the ability to prefabricate wall and roof sections in our Wanaka factory to increase quality and performance in a controlled environment then install on site, speeding up the build process.



When you see the CBG brand mark, you know this home was built to stand the test of time in a future we’re doing our part to protect. On the off chance you require any ongoing maintenance or extra additions, we’re just around the corner and come armed with some of those handy solutions you’ve heard so much about.

Like the sound of our process?

Start yours today.

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