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Meet your crew of High Performance and Passive House specialists  

Clint Gollop, Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Clint Gollop

Managing Director, LBP

Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Clint is our passionate Managing Director, skilled LBP with thirty-four years’ experience and more recently he has added to his toolbox, becoming a Certified Passive House tradesperson. He strives for perfection in everything he does, whether that’s designing and building your high performance home or fishing, hunting, diving and surfing. For an outdoors type, he spends a lot of time researching the latest building advances and finetuning them in his factory. 


Specialist tip: Be honest with establishing your budget and design within it.

CBG Quality Construction, Builders in Wanaka

Emma Morgan

Operations Manager

Emma is our talented Operations Manager with sixteen years’ experience. When it comes to the outdoors, she won’t be outdone by the boys with a love of snowboarding, archery and hunting. 


Specialist tip: When designing a home, think smaller and smarter.

Builders wanaka

Stefanie Panko
Site Manager

Stef is a third year apprentice with CBG. There is nothing this lady can't handle. When Stef isn't onsite she is a busy mum, farmer and keen horse rider.


Specialist tip: A tidy site is a sign of a tidy job. If you’re deciding whether to use one builder over another, drop in on one of their jobs. You’re welcome at ours anytime!


Damian Manganelli

Jack Gollop


Head of Security

Damian is our go to guy making life on the building site easy and powering through the work. Your likely to see Damian out in nature soaking up the kiwi lifestyle.


Specialist tip: Cladding is more than a pretty wrapping for your home. Consider the elements it will be exposed to and the ongoing cost and hassle of maintaining your selection.

Jack is our talented labourer, working after school and in school holidays. He is a keen mountain biker, skier and rugby player. Having grown up around construction, he s very handy onsite.


Specialist tip: Designing and building your home should be exciting not stressful. Find the right team and enjoy the process.

Passive House Builders
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Our building better partners

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Superhome Movement
Wastebusters Wanaka

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with CBG Quality Construction on a number of projects over the last few years. 


CBG have a great relationship with their subcontractors, including MAXRaft, which makes our part of the process flow smoothly.


They are passionate about building homes that perform better than the industry standard and providing their clients with a great experience from start to finish.  


We have no hesitation in recommending CBG to any prospective home owners.”

Henry Edney of Maxraft Slabs

“As a supplier of choice to CBG Quality Construction, we are pleased to be one of their key partners. CBG Quality Construction offer high-quality builds in the Central Otago area and when working with them their eye for detail is exceptional.


We have successfully completed many projects together for a growing number of very satisfied clients. They are great communicators and have a strong knowledge of the building process, backed up by decades of hands on practical experience. 


Our relationship with CBG Quality Construction has been ongoing for a number of years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.”

William Hubbard of Formance

"The boys onsite are very professional and clean so I thought I should mention that, as it is an unusual occurrence.


Most of the time the schedule is always delayed, the site is messy, people do not communicate and the concrete lay is rubbish but this time I had none of it so I’m very happy and pleased you guys chose NZ Grinders to work with.


I really like well organised people and you guys are.


Also I haven’t seen a clean and tidy site like that in a very long time so well done."

Wolmir Fuzinatto of NZ Grinders

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