The Building Process


Site Preparation – the first sod is turned on your property

Site preparation is exciting – it’s the first tangible action on your site. Your dream is beginning to become a reality. Initial groundwork may involve digging up soil and replacing it with material more suited to support a structure. It may include forming and levelling the land to suit the design of both the building and its surrounds. During this phase, the site is set up for construction. Temporary buildings may be moved onsite for the construction team. Fences are erected and the site is made safe and secure.

Foundations and Base Work – pouring the floor

The structure dimensions and positions are marked out on the prepared ground so that foundations can be laid. We utilise a fully insulated Concrete slab system called MAXraft.

Your ground floor is poured and the footprint of you home takes shape. Here we also:

  • Develop the drainage system
  • Install initial plumbing feeds and wastes
  • Install in-floor light and heating elements


Now we start to build up. Exterior SIP Panel Walls are stood and internal walls are built. There is the option to have SIP interior walls, speak with us to discuss this options. Your home begins to grow from the ground up and there will be clear visual changes each day, including construction of any external decks. The length of this stage will depend on the number of levels your home has and the materials used.

Roofing, Cladding & Joinery

Next, we enclose your new home with the SIP Panel roof, roof cladding  and exterior cladding. Your home is now weather proof and the construction process is less weather affected. Your vision starts to transform into reality.


Your home is fitted out with services. It’s time for the plumbing, gas, electrical, and other services to be installed and it is a busy time on site with many different trades-people involved:

  • internal wiring is installed throughout the entire home
  • automation systems are installed
  • mechanical ventilation system is installed
  • the gas distribution system is installed
  • piping for gas, plumbing and vacuum systems are installed
  • heating preparation work is done
  • doors are installed
  • walls and ceilings are straightened ready for linings
  • insulation to any timber framed interior walls is installed

Lining, Painting & Finishing

Now your home is really taking shape. Your project begins to be a ‘house’ as the rooms materialise. You can see it will soon be a home. There’s a lot happening here:

  • the installation of wall and ceiling linings
  • the installation of all finishing trim
  • plastering over internal surfaces
  • preparation for painting
  • detailing for edges, frames, covings and jambs
  • painting to all areas

Cabinetry – Kitchen & Bathrooms

Cabinetry transforms your house shell into rooms that start to make sense. You’ll see the kitchen, bathroom and utility areas take shape as we install:

  • the baths and shower units
  • hand and wash basins
  • all kitchen units
  • in-built units
  • tiles

Fit-out & Installation

This step involves final installation of:

  • most lights, electrical power points and switches
  • oven and hobs
  • door handles, locks and special items

Floor Coverings, Drapes & Blinds

Your house realises its potential as a home as the interior fit-out adds your distinctive feeling. Your dream home starts to come alive! Here we add:

  • any railings and brackets for drapes and blinds
  • drapes and blinds
  • fixed floor coverings such as carpet
  • paintwork touch-ups and detailed finishing


The groundwork and outdoor living areas are now attended to, if they weren’t done earlier.This involves:

  • setting out and installation of any external water systems
  • setting out and installation of any external electrical systems
  • installation of external switches and lights
  • laying of all paving and tile areas
  • laying of driveway and paths
  • construction of fences and gates
  • setting out of your separate garden areas
  • construction of any minor retaining and decorative walls
  • topsoil installation
  • sowing or laying of lawn areas


Your home is now nearing completion. A thorough inspection of your home is made to ensure that it’s complete and ready for you to move in. All appliances and systems are set up and tested. Your home is completely cleaned from top to bottom to ensure it’s looking its absolute best for you.

Code of Completion

The Council engineers sign off the project to certify that the building code has been adhered to and the building has been constructed as per the working drawings.