Methodology – 10 Steps to Building a House

meth·od·ol·o·gy n. a system of methods used in a particular area
  1. Decide what you need & gather images of designs you like
  2. View our Plan Range
  3. Contact CBG Quality Construction
  4. Customise Plans To Suit if Necessary
  5. Develop a Project Brief
  6. Concept Design
  7. Resource Consent (If required)
  8. Developed Design
  9. Construction Design
  10. Building Consent
  11. Construction

“Try to avoid changes to the design as they will cost you in time and in money” CBG Quality Construction is committed to exceed both our clients and architects expectations. We see the construction process as a ‘team’ building process where we provide an open relationship between all team players; from Engineers right through to the craftsman Sub-contractors we engage. In effect we plan to create a positively memorable construction journey for our clients. The team at CBG Quality Construction are strong advocates of Health and Safety in the work place. We regularly review our systems and carry out regular Health and Safety meetings to ensure a safe working environment for our staff, sub-contractors and site visitors. Our primary goal in business is to ensure our staff safely leave our workplace unharmed throughout the day’s construction activities.